Lift/Elevator Replacement Solution

With over 30+ years of lift industry experience, we can share some ideas to help you decide if you should upgrade your lift or fully replace it.

Here have some ideas from our 30+ years lift industry experience to assistant you to decide whether upgrade a lift or fully replacement a lift

Is it time to upgrade or replacement a lift?

If the lift /Elevator

  • Unsafe?
  • Over15 years old?
  • A hydraulic lift or a gear machine lift?
  • Difficult to find the spare parts in the market?
  • Does the lift have downtime or disruptions more than 2 – 4 times per year?
  • Is the annual maintenance cost over $7000?

How long does it take to upgrade or replace a lift?

This depends on the building, location within the building, use status and how many floors / stops serviced by the lift. If the building is being used during the lift’s upgrade it will take much longer than you expect, for example:


A case study to upgrade 3 passenger lifts by another lift supplier.

Project – 111 Gawler Place, Adelaide – CBD (key data & information)

Item Details
Site area 664 sqm
Office building and net lettable area 5648 sqm
Occupancy 90%
Build year 1989
Levels serviced 10 floors / 10 stops
Numbers of lifts / Capacity 3 lifts / 1088kg
Annual maintenance cost Over $30,000 per annum
Main reasons to Upgrade / Renew Building ownership changed, the building was being upgraded and the lifts were breaking down frequently
Budget to upgrade the lifts $750,000 plus GST
Actually-modernized lifts cost Over the owner’s budget
Total time to upgrade the 3 lifts Estimated to take 18 months to complete the lift upgrade

Excluding the delivery time


Upgrade a lift Vs Replacement with an Austand Pre-Assembled MRL lift


Item Upgrading a lift by other suppliers  Repalcement with an
Austand Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lift
Complies with the new EN81-20/50 lift standard and BCA code


Minimize lift breakdowns or disruptions to <0.5-2% annually

Very difficult / Impossible
due to interactions between old and new parts


Austand will beat any other lift suppliers
by 5%

New passenger lift

Improved stability & reliability

Energy savings – reduce electricity costs by up to 40%

Possible if replace gear machine with gearless

Increased transport efficiency – increased capacity & speed
Installation times
(lift service 10 floors / 10 stops)
26 weeks more per unit 2 weeks
Re-engineer the lift shaft Required N/A

Pre-Assembled lifts include self-support structures

Replace the lift after 25 years More complex – need to de-construct Easy to crane out
Increase the Building Value Possible Guaranteed

Austand lift replacement solution

– Austand CGR Series Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lift

Austand CGR630 Series Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lift GAD Construction Drawing

Austand CGR 1000 Series Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lift GAD Construction Drawing -Wheel Chair Access

Austand CGR 1000 Series Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lift GAD Construction Drawing-Stretcher Access

Austand CGR 1250 Series Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lift GAD Construction Drawing

5 simple steps



Austand CH-3000 pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lifts

We offer specially designed Austand CH-3000 pre-Assembled Passenger Lifts for existing commercial building and public facilities.  This is the best solution currently available to the Australia building industry:

  • Cost savings, no engineer or structural build costs are required.
  • Better quality and service.
  • Lift and Structural shaft come together.
  • Disability and wheelchair access.
  • Less disturbance at site – Install the lift in 30 minutes.
  • Compact building space and lowest lift pit (200 mm) and overrun (2700mm)


Existing Building Projects

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