Escalators & Moving-Walks

You need an Austand  DSE  Series Escalator & Moving -Walk

Austand Edunburgh is one of the global leader in escalators and moving walkways, offering high quality solutions at highly competitive prices.

Why choose Austand Edunburgh Elevators?

Our 30 years’ global experience coupled with local knowledge makes us a natural choice. With Austand, you are assured of:


  • Complies with Australian Standards AS1735.1
  • Complies with European Escalator Standards EN115
  • Safe work Australia products certified
  • 30 extensive safety features are included in all our escalators and walkways


  • We design, manufacture, and install – ensuring highly competitive factory direct pricing.

Easy and fast installation

  • Typically, completed in 5-7 days

Hassle-free maintenance

  • Convenient, cost-effective, proactive service options.

Extensive product range

  • Indoor escalators
  • Outdoor escalators
  • Heavy duty escalators
  • Moving walkways – horizontal and inclined

Optional Extras

  • Running direction indicators
  • Auto start/stop
  • Heating options
  • Lighting options


For new and existing projects contact us (08) 7112 1853