Changing the Game and Setting Elevator Industry Milestones The World's Largest Patented Pre-Assembled Passenger Lift Save Money, Save Time

Austand offers over 30 year’s experience globally, coupled with local knowledge. From affordable MRL home lift solutions and commercial passenger lifts. We specialise in providing the UNIQUE Austand Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger lift.

Austand are a global leader in Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevator solutions. We have installed lifts in 32 countries around the world in private homes, public facilities, hotels, residential developments, hospitals, office blocks and major shopping malls.

We offer an extensive range of options plus custom-designs, all benefiting from our unique Machine-Room-Less technology – freeing up valuable space and delivering substantial cost-savings.

  • MRL lift Patents
  • Wheelchair & Stretcher Access
  • AS1735.1, 12, 16 & 18 lift standards
  • All lift products registered with Safe Work SA
  • BCA Code and EN81-20 & 50 and115 lift codes
  • Austand CH-3000 Pre-Assembled MRL Home Lifts
  • Austand CH-3000 Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lifts
  • Austand CGR Series Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lifts

Craning in a pre-assembled lift including self-support steel structure & cladding.

Why Choose an Austand Pre-Assembled Lift?

Item Austand Pre-Assembled Other Lift Supplier
Engineering Design
Lift Shaft Construction*
Single Phase Power (Energy Savings**)
Fast and Easy Install (Crane In)
Less Installation Contractors
Factory Quality Assurance

* $20,000 to $50,000     ** Green

Beat 5% price lower than any competitors

Beat better quality & fastest installation than any lift suppliers

Do you require a temporary lift?  We can rent one for your event.

Existing Building Upgrade

Austand’s patented pre-assembled lift is engineered to Australian standards saving your structural upgrades and time, saving your money.


For new and existing projects contact us (08) 7112 1853