About Us

From Malaysia to Madagascar, Austand is a global leader in elevator innovation. We design, manufacture, install and service home lifts, commercial lifts, moving walkways and escalators.

Our dedicated Australian team are based in Adelaide, where we are quickly gaining a reputation for quality products and service excellence across South Australia and beyond.

We’ve moved people around over 25 countries for almost 25 years, specialising in:

Commercial / Residential lifts

  • High speed passenger lifts (up to 8.0m/s) for commercial developments up to 120 floors
  • Machine-Room-Less (MRL) lifts speed up to 3.0m/s & capacity up to 25ookg / 33 people
  • Goods and hospital lifts
  • Escalators/Moving-walkways
  • Home/ Residential lifts
  • Car parking systems
  • Custom design projects that are tailored to your specifications

Our competitively priced product range is complemented by personalised customer service. Whether you’re looking for luxury residential lifts or are scoping a major commercial project, you can rely on our winning combination of global expertise and local knowledge.



We take customer service seriously

Feel free to contact us: phone (08) 7112 1853