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Why Choose an Austand Pre-Assembled Lift?

Item Austand Pre-Assembled Other Lift Supplier
Engineering Design
Lift Shaft Construction*
Single Phase Power (Energy Savings**)
Fast and Easy Install (Crane In)
Less Installation Contractors
Factory Quality Assurance

* $20,000 to $50,000     ** Green


From China, Germany to Brazil, Austand Edunburgh elevators is a global leader in elevator innovation. We design, manufacture, install and service Pre-Assembled Machine-Room Less (MRL) home lifts, commercial lifts, moving walkways and escalators.

We design, manufacture, sell, install and service – ensuring highly competitive pricing and performance

Our dedicated Australian team are based in Adelaide, where we are quickly gaining a reputation for quality products and service excellence across South Australia, Queensland, Vic and beyond.

We’ve moved people in over 32 countries for almost 30 years, specialising in:

Commercial & Residential lifts

  • Adding a lift / elevator to existing buildings
  • Austand Pre-Assembled MRL Home Lifts
  • Austand Pre-Assembled MRL Passenger Lifts and Goods Lifts
  • Custom design projects carefully tailored to your specific needs

Our competitive quality product range is complemented by personalised customer service. Whether you’re looking for luxury residential lifts or are scoping a major commercial project, you can rely on our winning combination of global expertise and local knowledge.

The elevator was invented in the 1850s and not much has changed since.  All lifts were built on site by various construction workers with varying skills and methods, creating variation in performance and serviceable life and safety.

BUT now Austand has invented the Pre-Assembled Lift.  This is a new entire factory assembly, freight and installation system that enables quality control and assurance from assembly through to completion of the installation and servicing.

All preassembled lifts are factory built and tested before they are shipped to site and crane installed.  This allows Austand to ensure that no issues are built into a lift on any of their construction sites.

Austand Mission:

We deliver Safety for life

Austand is Changing the Elevator Industry

Safety, Quality, Strength, Service and Convenience



For new and existing projects contact us (08) 7112 1853