Why Austand?

Safety for Life

Your safety and comfort are paramount – that’s why our home lift range is packed with safety features as standard.

During an unexpected power outage, the lift will continue to the specified floor, ensuring your safety at all times. And in the extremely rare event that the lift should stop between floors, you can rely on our contact centre for immediate help, simply by pressing the emergency call button. This ‘one touch’ safety feature is reassuringly easy to use – even by children, the elderly or people with disabilities.

Many residential lifts available today feature doors that open manually, posing a real danger of lift shaft falls – especially for inquisitive children. Austand lift ‘landing’ doors have been specially engineered to open only when the lift car doors are directly behind – a much safer solution.

And rest assured that all Austand lifts comply with the stringent Australian Standard AS1735-18 and 16.



Austand high quality home lifts require minimal maintenance. Typically, we recommend just one or two services per year, keeping your operating costs low.


Superior Quality and Design

Our lifts are suitable for retrofitting in existing homes as well as installing in new builds. With eight great design options to choose from, you can ensure your lift perfectly complements your interior décor. What’s more, we’re experienced in creating custom solutions that are as individual as you are.

The majority of lifts available in Australia require a bulky overhead machine room. Our space-efficient Machine Room-Less patented technology (where the motor is contained within the lift shaft itself) frees up valuable space and avoids a bulky, unsightly machine room. Austand is the only MRL patent holder for home lifts in Australia.

We can provide solutions for the tightest spaces; with lift cabins starting from just 900 x 1200mm. Our standard home lift shaft requires only 1500mm2 and 300mm pit.



We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. You’ll deal with the same friendly and knowledgeable team, from making an enquiry right up to installation and beyond. At Austand we control the entire process – from design and manufacture through to installation and service – meaning you can rely on us for expert knowledge and exceptional value for money.



A pioneer in low-carbon solutions, Austand traction technology offers a superior product to traditional hydraulic lift systems that are commonly associated with excess noise, offensive odours and the risk of oil leaks. We even offer a solar-powered home lift option.

For new and existing projects contact us (08) 7112 1853