Proactive maintenance is key to ensuring the safe and seamless operation of your investment. We recommend a tailored service and safety inspection program for every customer, taking into account your budget and lift usage. This typically comprises a monthly and quarterly maintenance service plus a comprehensive annual inspection.

When a spare part is required, there are no lengthy delays waiting for overseas shipments – you can rely on our well-stocked Adelaide warehouse.

And in the very unlikely event of a breakdown, you can depend on our team of technicians 24/7 – with passenger rescue typically complete within less than 30 minutes.

Contact us today to discuss your maintenance requirements in more detail.


Scope of Works

AUSTAND ELEVATOR shall carry out regular inspections and maintenance of the equipment.

Maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the terms of this contract and in compliance with our QA processes and safety policy.

  • The Comprehensive Plus+ Maintenance service includes the following:
  • The equipment will be maintained to a safe and reliable standard.
  • Ensure that the standard of service will keep the frequency and duration of breakdowns and shutdowns to a minimum;
  • Test computer software functions using AUSTAND ELEVATOR technology and expertise;
  • Attend to breakdowns, stoppages and other malfunctions 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. Attendance to breakdowns after AUSTAND ELEVATOR normal business hours will result in minor temporary repairs only. All other work will be carried out during normal business hours;
  • Repair or replace equipment with commercially available parts;
  • Report the presence of spillage or other major rubbish dumping or contamination requiring heavy duty cleaning or removal;
  • Attend to periodic inspections and safety test required by the relevant Standards Association of Australia (SAA) Code;
  • The customer shall be notified of any anticipated stoppages of the equipment for repairs;
  • If required, provide maintenance records for the equipment providing information on service attendance and call-back details;
  • If requested, provide the annual maintenance statement.
  • Service is based on the escalator/moving walks running a maximum time of ninety-eight (98) hours per week per unit.
  • Equipment means all lift and escalator equipment installed in the machine room, shaft and on the hall landings of each unit, except the following;
  • All electrical power mains and accessories on the supply side of the equipment’s main circuit breakers.
  • Enclosure of the lift wells including internal surfaces, ledges, beams and sills, caissons, motor and sheave rooms, access doors, windows and locks;
  • Machine room lighting and ventilations, shaft ventilation, motor fusion and firefighting equipment;
  • Lift pits, sump pumps or other equipment installed to remove water from the lift pits or machinery areas;
  • Landing door panels or frames, architraves, transoms and sills, car superstructure and materials on the internal surfaces including floors and floor coverings, door panels, plenum chambers, lights, emergency lights, light diffusers, removable ceiling and panels, hand rails and other architectural features or accessories;
  • Telephone and/or intercom units, piped music, audio and security equipment, any wiring external to the lift well, machine or sheave rooms associated with the equipment;
  • Balustrades, trusses, handrails, skirting, yellow demarcation lines and anti-slip coatings on steps and pallets, decking and other panels or floor plates of escalators and moving walks;
  • Face plates of car and landing buttons and indicator panels;
  • Any equipment or attachment not installed by AUSTAND ELEVATOR.


Austand Promise

  • 24 hours’ service line
  • Spare parts storage in Adelaide warehouse
  • Monthly & Quarterly maintenance & cleaning up
  • Annual inspection and checking whole elevator system
  • Lift break down time / annual 365 days 24 hours’ operation ratio will be less 0.5%
For new and existing projects contact us (08) 7112 1853