Commercial Lifts

Machine Room & High Speed Lifts

Austand provides a range of elevator solutions for the building industry. We have installed lifts in more than 25 countries around the world in hotels, residential developments, hospitals, office blocks and major shopping malls

We offer an extensive range of options plus custom-designs, all benefiting from our unique Machine Room-Less technology – freeing up valuable space and delivering substantial cost savings.

Why choose Austand?

Our 25 years’ global experience is coupled with extensive local knowledge. With Austand, you’re assured of:


  • European lift standard EN81-1 /A3 :2009
  • 1 Lifts, Escalator and Moving-walks General Requirements
  • AS3000 Wire Rules
  • 11-1986 SAA lift code with two-hour fire proofing
  • 12-1999 Facilities for persons with disabilities
  • BCA E3.6 (Disable code)
  • One-touch 24/7 emergency response


  • We design, manufacture, sell, install and service – ensuring highly competitive pricing


  • Machine Room Lifts – speeds up to 8.0m/s
  • Loads up to 5000kg

Control made easy

  • Elevator scheduling system
  • Group lift control for up to 8 units and up to 120 floors
  • Efficient car location and time management Floor Destination Smart Device Control System (FDSDCS)

Energy efficiency

  • Regeneration system returns 30% of energy produced by the lift’s movement

Minimal maintenance

  • Proactive service schedules
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Minimal operating costs

Download SLM & SLP Series Brochure
Download CGR-450 7 Dep-450 Series Brochure

SLP Series 630-1.0-MR Shop Drawing
SLP Series 1000-1.75-MR Shop Drawing
SLP Series 1250-2.0-MR Shop Drawing
SLP Series 1350-4.0-MR Shop Drawing
SLP Series 1600-6.0-MR Shop Drawing
SLP Series 1600-8.0-MR Shop Drawing

We take customer service seriously

Feel free to contact us: phone (08) 7112 1853