Moving Walks

Austand is a global leader in moving walkways, offering high quality solutions at highly competitive prices.

Why choose Austand?

Our 25 years’ global experience coupled with local knowledge makes us a natural choice. With Austand, you are assured of:


  • Complies with Australian standard AS1735.1
  • Complies with European escalator standard EN115
  • 29 extensive safety features


  • We design, manufacture and install – ensuring highly competitive pricing

Easy installation

  • Typically, complete in 5-7 days

Hassle-free maintenance

  • Convenient, cost-effective, proactive service options

Quality guarantee

  • 2-year product warranty

Extensive product range

  • Indoor escalators
  • Outdoor escalators
  • Heavy duty escalators
  • Moving walkways – horizontal and inclined

Optional Extras

  • Running direction indicators
  • Auto start/stop
  • Heating options
  • Lighting options

Download the brochure

DSE-H Series 0°-1000 Shop Drawing
DSE-H Series 0°-1400 Shop Drawing
DSE-S Series 10°-800 Shop Drawing
DSE-S Series 10°-1000 Shop Drawing
DSE-S Series 11°-800 Shop Drawing
DSE-S Series 11°-1000 Shop Drawing
DSE-S Series 12°-800 Shop Drawing
DSE-S Series 12°-1000 Shop Drawing

We take customer service seriously

Feel free to contact us: phone (08) 7112 1853